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Fierce Marriage

Two as One: a 30-Day Couple's Devotional

Two as One: a 30-Day Couple's Devotional

Ryan & Selena Frederick

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Draw closer to God and your spouse through 30 daily devotions, each one brought to life with rich black and white imagery with practical application.

Fiercely Focused on Christ
Learn how the gospel relates to every aspect of your marriage by tracing core issues to their source and seeking Jesus as the answer to every question.

Visually Rich and Challenging
Each day starts with an image/quote combination designed to inspire and stimulate conversation. Explore passages of the Bible, connect the gospel to real challenges, and pray alongside your spouse.

10 Bonus Images Include
In addition to the 30 devotional images, enjoy 10 bonus graphics with space to express why they matter to you. Cut out a few pages, write on the backs, and place them around your home or workplace as constant reminders.

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Chapters and Outline

  • Day 1: Rocks, Rockets, & the Gravity of Belief
  • Day 2: No Longer Two
  • Day 3: The Blessed Fountain
  • Day 4: Busier Isn't Better
  • Day 5: Created Beautiful
  • Day 6: A Worthwhile Pursuit
  • Day 7: Christ is Enough
  • Day 8: Foundational Friendship
  • Day 9: An Unparalleled Adventure
  • Day 10: Perseverance (doesn't equal) Perfection
  • Day 11: Fully Known & Fully Loved
  • Day 12: Laugh, Listen, Love
  • Day 13: The Generous Marriage
  • Day 14: Keep the House, Toss the Bulb
  • Day 15: Lost in Intimacy
  • Day 16: Works in Progress
  • Day 17: No shortcuts, No Substitutes
  • Day 18: Reconciliation Over Retaliation
  • Day 19: Lives Marked by Pursuit
  • Day 20: Pray, Play, Stay
  • Day 21: The Three Proximities of Intimacy
  • Day 22: Seeing the Same Truth
  • Day 23: This Grace in Which We Stand
  • Day 24: Love for All Occasions
  • Day 25: Beautiful In-Between
  • Day 26: Design Your Time
  • Day 27: Exchange Fear for Faith
  • Day 28: Love vs Lust
  • Day 29: A Generational Gift
  • Day 30: Love Endures All Things
  • Bonus Images
  • Additional Resources
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