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2023 Audio Archive

Fierce Families Conference

Listen to John & Bekah Lovell (Warrior Poet Society), Ryan and Selena Frederick (Fierce Families), and others as they discuss God's design for marriage, family, and society.



Fierce Marriage

Marriage is good and worth constant attention. Join the Fredericks as they discuss intimacy, communication, finances, priorities, and more. New shows every Tuesday.



Fierce Parenting

Join Ryan and Selena Frederick, as they discuss all things parenting with light-hearted humor, Gospel-centered teaching, and raw transparency. New episodes most Thursdays.


Theology Kids Audio

Kids Bible Story Time!

Stories straight from the Word for the young among us.

  • Sturdy Hymns for Slaying Smelly Dragons

    Ten timeless hymns sung by children for the good of other children. Hear our youngest generation join generations of old in singing about the wonder and majesty of our good God.

    Releasing in 2024.

  • The Word Simply Sung

    The Word is beautiful and this project will help children sing it beautifully, all while committing it to their hearts for a lifetime.

    Releasing in 2024.

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