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Fierce Marriage

How a Husband Speaks

How a Husband Speaks

Ryan G. Frederick

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God cares how husbands speak to their wives.

The nearest, clearest, and best opportunity a husband has to improve his marriage is to become a better communicator. Couples who learn to speak, listen, and understand one another experience growth in every other aspect of their marriage, including their unity, intimacy, priorities, and more. So, why not devote yourself to mastering the craft of biblical, godly communication?

In How a Husband Speaks, author Ryan G. Frederick challenges husbands to become men who understand the weight of their words and view communication as an opportunity to love their wives more like Christ. In this book, you will:

  • Develop habits to build a robust and healthy communication culture at home
  • Gain tangible techniques to approach tough conversations
  • Discover how the gospel connects to every word you speak
  • Learn to spot the difference between communication mediocrity and mastery
  • Think deeply and intentionally about your communication tendencies by responding to reflection questions and prompts

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