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Theology Kids

Atom & Iota: A Life Unfolding

Atom & Iota: A Life Unfolding

R.G. Frederick

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We created Atom and Iota to help children connect the glory of God in creation to his redemptive glory in Scripture. Mankind knows God only because He has revealed himself, and it is through creation and his Word that He has done so.

The terms “natural revelation” and “special revelation” are commonly used to describe God’s means of revealing Himself. We designed Atom and Iota to illustrate both, and to this end they resemble the smallest units of each: an atom and an iota.

As the smallest unit of matter, Atom represents creation, or natural revelation. Similarly, Iota represents the smallest unit of thought. He is drawn as his namesake Greek letter, “ι”, which is also closely related to the Hebrew yōd (י). Both are the smallest letters in their respective alphabets! We thought this was appropriate, since the Old Testament was written in Hebrew and the New Testament in Koine Greek.

Throughout their adventures, Atom shows us how things work while Iota helps us to lift our eyes from mere observation toward God’s purpose and meaning behind His design. It is through both observing God’s creation and connecting what we see to His redemptive work through the Gospel that God’s glory is maximised in our hearts and those of our children.

We pray the adventures of Atom & Iota bless your family, may you marvel at the vast glories of God alongside them.

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